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Authorization of email users

User authorization involves the creation of authorized user lists on the server. Messages arriving from addresses that are not on the list will not be processed and their senders will receive delivery failure notifications.

Click the “Admin” button and select the “Email users” tab in the new window.

A list can be created in a number of ways.

Manual entry of addresses

Click the button. Enter a user’s email address in the opened window and click OK. To enter another email address, repeat these operations.

Entering addresses using the clipboard

If you are running an application and can copy a user’s address or several addresses from it, select this record (or the entire list) and copy it to the clipboard. After that, click the button in the opened Administration window. The records in the clipboard will be pasted into the list of addresses.

Loading addresses from a text file

If you have a ready text file with a list of users’ addresses, click the button. Select a file and click OK.

Note that the total number of authorized client end users and email users cannot exceed the maximum number of users displayed in the top part of the window.

Editing of a user’s address

When a user is added to the list, a unique number is assigned to him/her. If the user performed any actions, his/her number will be displayed in the LogBook and the Schedule. If the user changes the address, you can simply edit the corresponding record in the list. In this case, all of the user’s history will be saved. If you, however, delete a user from the list and then create a new one, the new user will get a new number and the association with the previous user will be broken.

To edit a record, select it using your mouse. Then click and hold the left mouse button for some time. When the key is released, the record will be opened in the edit mode. Change the user’s address and press Enter.

Deleting a user from the list

Select a record you want to delete and click the button. If the “Send guideline email to new users” box is flagged, the program will send an email message with a short instruction after the user clicks OK.

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October 29 2018
Version 3.10 released with with various stability and compatibility fixes.
More >>

November 2 2016
Version 3.8 released with speech recognition support and T.38 fax protocol improvements.
More >>

December 22 2015
Version 3.7 released with improved compatibility with Windows 10.
More >>

September 11 2015
Version 3.6 released with a possibility to generate scheduled delivery queue from comma-separated text files (*.CSV).
More >>

December 17 2014
Version 3.4 released with Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 11 support for text-to-speech conversion.
More >>

October 15 2014
Venta4Net 3.3 released. In this version you can see thumbnails of incoming faxes directly in the client end main application.
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January 23 2014
Venta4Net 3.2 with cloud services support has been released.
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September 12 2013
Venta4Net 3.1 released.
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August 15 2012
Venta4Net 3.0 with Internet telephony (VoIP) support has been released.
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