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Configuring incoming and outgoing email settings

The server end of Venta4Net Plus includes an SMTP server that can accept incoming messages from email users.

Do not confuse this SMTP server with the SMTP client also included into the server end of Venta4Net Plus. It’s used for sending notifications to email users. It’s also used for sending received messages and notifications about received messages (see the “Actions after reception” help section). That’s why an SMTP client is included in the regular version of Venta4Net and in VentaFax. An SMTP server, however, is only part of Venta4Net Plus.

Configuring the SMTP server for incoming mail

Attention. The information below is intended for system administrators and the actions described below should be performed by qualified personnel only.

There are two variants of system configuration. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Variant 1 (recommended). Creation of a separate "facsimile" subdomain for the SMTP server

Create of a separate subdomain makes it unnecessary to configure an email program on each email user’s system. However, you will need access to editing the DNS records of your domain.

To start off, you will need to come up with a name for your subdomain to which prepared facsimile messages will be sent. For instance, if your primary domain is, “fax” will be a good name for a subdomain, and the full domain name for the SMTP server will be After that, you will need to add an MX record for the new subdomain (“fax” in our example) and add the IP address of the Venta4Net Plus SMTP server to it. If you are using an external DNS server, you will need to make sure that the SMTP server of Venta4Net Plus is accessible from the external network. As the result, all messages send through any SMTP server to <phone_number> will be received by the SMTP server of Venta4Net Plus.

Variant 2. Configuration of an additional SMTP server for email users

If you cannot edit DNS records, you can use the following method.

Let’s assume that the server end of the program is installed on a computer with an IP address of Each email user has to add another SMTP server for outgoing email in the email program’s settings – in this case, the server with an IP address of In this case, users will need to select the Venta4Net Plus SMTP server instead of the standard SMTP server each time they want to send a fax message, since regular emails will not be delivered through it. The opposite is also true: emails with fax messages will not be delivered to the Venta4Net Plus SMTP server through regular SMTP servers.

To solve this problem, you can create a separate account for each email user that will use the Venta4Net Plus SMTP server by default. You will need to use this account for sending faxes.

User authorization on the Venta4Net Plus server is based on the email address specified in the "From" field. This is where the server will send user notifications and other messages.

SMTP server configuration

Click the “Settings” button and select the “Mail server - Incoming email” tab in the new window. Let’s take a look at the most important parameters found on this tab.

Port. The default value of this parameter is 25. Don’t change it unless absolutely necessary.

Domain name. You can leave it blank. In this case, the server will not perform any additional domain name checks. We recommend entering the full name of the “fax” subdomain ( in our example). If the domain name is not specified, and a message is being sent to an address on another domain, the user will receive an error notification.

Service prefix. If you believe that unwanted messages may be sent to the fax subdomain (for instance, spam messages with fake addresses sent on behalf of authorized users), using a prefix may solve the problem and help filter such messages out. You can leave this field blank or enter some characters that the recipient’s address should start with (before the phone number). For instance, if you enter “fax=” in this field, the sender will have to use as the address, where “fax=” is a service prefix and 123-4567 is the phone number that the fax message is being sent to. If the prefix is specified and the recipient’s email address doesn’t start with it, the sender will receive an error notification.

Allowed file extensions for file attachments. That where you can enter a comma-separated list of allowed file extensions that the server is allowed to receive and process. If a file requires conversion, a corresponding application associated with this file type has to be installed on this computer. Otherwise, it will be impossible to convert the file into a facsimile format. For instance, a “tif, pdf, wav, txt, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx” value allows you to receive files in the MS Word and MS Excel formats, but does not permit receiving files in the MS PowerPoint (ppt, pptx) format, for example.

Create a batch from attached files. If a message contains several files of allowed file types and this option is enabled (checked), the program will generate a single batch from fax or voice messages. Therefore, a single task will be scheduled. If the flag is not set and the option is disabled, several tasks will be created. If the flag is set and there are incompatible file types attached, the user will receive an error message.

Configuration of an SMTP client for outgoing mail

Open the “Mail server - Outgoing email” tab. Specify the address of the server used for sending emails (“SMTP server” parameter). You can see it in the properties of your email account. For, the value is very likely to be The value of the “Port” parameter is usually 25 and it shouldn’t be changed unless absolutely necessary.

Some servers require additional authorization for establishing a connection. To enable it, check the “My server requires authentication” option and enter your email account login and password. Note that the passwords you enter are stored in an encrypted form. They cannot be copied or stolen.

Some mail servers also require SSL encryption besides additional authorization. To enable it, check the “Use SSL crypting” parameter. The port number will change to 465. If you have any problems with this setting, please contact your Internet provider and ask the correct port number for secure connections.

If you can configure several SMTP servers to be able to switch to secondary servers if there is a problem with the primary one. To add a server, click the button next to the dropdown list and fill out the necessary fields. To remove a server from the list, select it and press the button. Then click Apply. To switch to another server, select its name from the dropdown list and click the Apply button.

Authorization of email users
System deployment recommendations


October 29 2018
Version 3.10 released with with various stability and compatibility fixes.
More >>

November 2 2016
Version 3.8 released with speech recognition support and T.38 fax protocol improvements.
More >>

December 22 2015
Version 3.7 released with improved compatibility with Windows 10.
More >>

September 11 2015
Version 3.6 released with a possibility to generate scheduled delivery queue from comma-separated text files (*.CSV).
More >>

December 17 2014
Version 3.4 released with Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 11 support for text-to-speech conversion.
More >>

October 15 2014
Venta4Net 3.3 released. In this version you can see thumbnails of incoming faxes directly in the client end main application.
More >>

January 23 2014
Venta4Net 3.2 with cloud services support has been released.
More >>

September 12 2013
Venta4Net 3.1 released.
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August 15 2012
Venta4Net 3.0 with Internet telephony (VoIP) support has been released.
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